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Welcome to ARK an exhibition of welded steel sculptures by the artist Iain Nutting.


ARK is a title which Iain has chosen firstly to reflect his belief in the importance of the conservation of animals and of the natural environment, and secondly as a reflection of the collection of artistic ideas from the 20th century and earlier that have influenced his work. Iain is thankful and incredibly excited that the Rebecca Hossack Gallery has decided to showcase his sculpture exclusively in this exhibition.  


An ark can be defined as something that brings together things or objects of importance and offers them protection. In Iain’s show the objects of importance are nature, and the artistic influences that have shaped his work. Animals are the focus of the show, reflecting the importance of protecting our own links with the natural world and the endangered species which live within it.


Drawn from life, welded in re-claimed steel the sculptures are themselves a unique fusion of the various works and artists that exerted an influence on Iain, from Gonzalez and Picasso’s welded constructions, through to Gormley, African artworks, and beyond.  Thus by reflecting the work and influence of these great artists, Iain Nutting’s sculptures serve to protect their legacy. They also reflect the brilliant talent and flair of this remarkable sculptor.  


IAIN NUTTING  HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY    2nd-26th November 2016

ARK Sculpture by IAIN NUTTING       9th - 25th June 2011    

Mandrill Face 110316
Iain Nutting Help I Need Somebody 1

"And so finally, after a quick bus ride I reach the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Conway Street which, I now discover, has a permanent coffee bar installed in the middle of the ground floor gallery.  It’s certainly a novel idea and I’m tempted to take a refreshment break but first I climb the spiral staircase to the first floor where I’m confronted by what I take to be a giant komodo lizard.  Beyond this magnificent beast are some parrots, various primates and an anteater, all of which are constructed from old bits of metal salvaged from the scrapyard by the artist Iain Nutting.  The idea of patching together bits of junk to form animal-shaped sculptures may sound terribly corny and kitsch but the artist has such a wonderful eye for gauging just the right element to use to suggest the precise shape of a skull, curve of a muscle or weight of a limb that the overall results are really quite spectacular."Arthur Berman from Unvarnished 18.11.2016.

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