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This shows an experiment by the artist whilst at St. Martin's 1981. Under the leadership of Tim Scott, but recieving most support from David Annesley and Mike Bolus. Working from life, a figure modelled in clay and  cast into plaster, then being translated into a steel construction. Looking at line, form  and balance.

Early development of sculpture from the figure by IAIN NUTTING

Seated Dancer 1981  Iain Nutting 2

In this Seated Dancer drawn from life at around the same time 1981. The artist has shown how drawing has informed the steel construction.

Figure of Betsie 1981 Iain Nutting s
6 Reclining figure 1979  Iain Nutting 2

Reclining figure 1979 is an early welded construction by the artist, inspired by Moore and Caro. It has balance and linear energy. Studing 20th century painting and sculpture, the artist began to focus on the constuctivists together with  Gabo,  Gonzalez, Picasso and David Smith.  

Iain Nutting although now well known for steel construction based on primates and other animals, began his career with steel sculpture based on the figure. Buying his first welding machine after taking a part time job whilst at school.

Katharine 1979-80  Iain Nutting 2

Head 1979-80

Showing the influence of Gabo and Pevsner. Whilst at Canterbury college of Art foundation.

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